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Unit: Kilometres Miles

Bees foraging coverage

The honeybee in your hive can cover a huge area during foraging. A study from 1997 showed that the mean foraging distance was 1 km from the hive, but your bees will fly up to 4-5 km (2-3 miles) while foraging.

This is a simple tool to measure the foraging area of your hive and what is within it. First select your country to move the map view to the right place of the earth. Then you can zoom in to the right area where your hive is. To mark a place, click somewhere in the map. The map will then center itself onto the point, and circles will be drawn around the point. It is one km (or one mile) between each circle. You can change the unit between kilometres and miles selecting the right radio button. Switch between regular map mode and satelite view using the controls on the top of the map.

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